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Why choose
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We have more than ten years of experience as a construction company in the Engadin valley. After the handover of the keys, many of our clients have asked us to continue to follow them in the management of their properties and this is the main reason we created Ambrogio. As a local company based in the Engadin in Silvaplana we can guarantee our services every day and in every season. Your house will never be alone.

The employees of Ambrogio are professionals of the services they perform and their work often exceeds expectations.
They are selected not only on the basis of their abilities, but they must also distinguish themselves for their kindness, discretion and confidentiality.
We know how precious your time is and thanks to Ambrogio you will have more to dedicate to what you desire.
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Ambrogio provides the best services to better manage your property

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Ambrogio's Cards
Some simple steps to access the Ambrogio Services more conveniently.

Ambrogio is proud to present its CARDS to be requested and obtained also online in a simple and intuitive way.

Step 1

Call (+41) 79 315 11 21 and / or send an email (info@ambrogio-engadina.com) to Ambrogio

Step 2

"Ambrogio" will explain the difference between the various cards and the related services you are entitled to with them ...

Here are our Cards

Request an Ambrogio Card to take advantage of more services at reduced costs.

You can find here many answers to your questions.

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, contact us at:


Ambrogio can be reached by email at the following address:


by phone on +41 79 315 11 21
Ambrogio is here also for this.

Contact him by phone at the following number
+ 41 79 315 11 21
Of course!
It is always possible to increase the services you want to access.

Notify Ambrogio by email at the following address:
Ambrogio is very knowledgeable in checking this kind of quotes and suggesting possible alternatives upon request.
Ambrogio will be able to go to your home to check that everything is in order on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly basis.
He will also be able to agree with you for special needs you care about and if desired he will be able to communicate the outcome of the inspection via SMS.
Of course!
Ambrogio is an expert driver and will be happy to accompany you or come and pick you up at the airport or destination you wish.

Call +41 79 315 11 21 to agree on times and costs.
Ambrogio will be happy to take care of your property, even in your absence.
Contact him by email to
and explain what tasks you would like him to do.
Whatever your requests are, Ambrogio will do everything possible to fulfill them.
By purchasing the Ambrogio GOLD or PLATINUM CARD, you can be sure that after every snowfall, your avenue and the areas you indicate, will be immediately cleared of snow.
Write an email to
info@ambrogio-engadina. com
and explains what you need and when. Ambrogio and his Team are equipped with vehicles suitable for every transport and will be happy to help you
Ambrogio is just the right person! Not only can it advise you where to deposit them, but it has both the means and the collaborators to take care of them for you. Write to
info@ambrogio-engadina. com
Ambrogio will be happy to do these and other tasks for you. Ask for information
Ambrogio in collaboration with some expert housekeepers will certainly be able to help you and make sure that your home is always perfect and ready to welcome you and your guests.
Of course! Ambrogio will take care to provide the best quality firewood and on request will stack it neatly in the woodshed.

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